What we do

We invest in systems which help people interested in a healthy lifestyle and an improving quality of life. We focus on a social platform, based on cloud solutions together with IoT devices. We invest in electronic construction, software development, design social platform and R&D. We combine the expertise of our universities with commercial companies and commercialize solutions for the market.

Social Innovation

We do believe that future innovation means a social and shared economy. Therefore we not only focus on technology but we combine it with sociology and a sharing economy

Electronics & IoT & Information Technology

We invest in design and engineering for electronic device (IoT). This is followed by the building of prototypes and testing. Then,finally manufacturing as well as investing in application development (web, mobile) and create cloud solutions. As a result, build one social system - cloud with IoT devices


We invest in R&D in the area of environmental measurement, of such as dust, smog, pollution, VOC. Also human body vital measurement and analysis, providing biofeedback, as well as optics and image recognition and analyses

The world’s first social, environmental project to measure smog (PM 10, PM 2.5), within the local area (inside and outside). Based on AirQuality stations (IoT), cloud solutions. We provide real time and sophisticated data to people together with recommendations and create social a platform enabling the exchange of ideas regarding the local environment


Innovative way to measure vital life signs. A small, flexible patch that helps you better understand your physiology. Quietly measuring around the clock, giving personalized health related insights and notifications to help improve performance, recovery and prevent injury.
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